Start Validating forms with jquery

Validating forms with jquery

In the interest of following j Query’s motto of “writing less and doing more,” let’s write a simple slideshow using j Query, Java Script and a bit of CSS.

So let’s start by writing a function that brings in a new photo on top of the last active image: Here we set a Java Script interval to call slide Switch() every 5 seconds.

Then slide Switch() applies the CSS class ‘active’ to bring the next image to the top of the stack.

Although our slideshow is working well, we should make it more robust by building in some default variables.

First, let’s define a default active image, in case we need to put less stress on the back-end.

Also, we can use defaults to make the gallery animation loop.

We first define a default image for the $active variable, which interestingly enough needs to be the last image on the stack.

Also, notice that we defined three different z-indexes—we will manipulate these soon using j Query.

For the slideshow animation we are going to switch between each photo at a set rate.

I tried the javascript Ajax Library using a simple request, but it didn't work. And this is all what i do, but there is no response.

Did i probably forgot to include a ajax or j Query library.

In our script we manipulate the error label to appear behind our element. important keyword is needed to override default select2 styling.