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Us army airborne graudating class photos

127 The number of students and non-students who use the Union food service is being surveyed today and Friday by an ad hoc committee of the Con- sumer Relations Board. Male teacher or grad student preferred Write box 45. Manhattan Secretarial Service, 539 1361 (134) NOTICES ALWAYS MORE different kinds of blue leans in every size at Earthshine, Aggievllle. KSU AUDITORIUM Tickets at Door $2.00 & $2.50 2 Hour Show 952 LIKE PEOPLE? Peggy Stevenson, freshman in general, said she may cut a class because she doesn't have an assignment done.

Five minutes after the fire had been re-ignited the flame failed again. PAUL YOUNG, vice president for University development, said the damages, estimated at between $20,000 and $25,000, are fully covered by insurance. (133 134) WILL PETRARCH'S thought endure Linder's Limeys, or will it Trigger a new 6a by Ionian captivity? (133) 1971 YEARBOOK distribution will begin on Monday, April 26 (133) NOTICES GROUP JUNOUE sale: electric range, kit- chen table set, sewing machine, pressure cooker, fur coat, ceramics and much more strange and ordinary lunk. (129tf) ATO CHUGATHON, Sat., April 24, , Chug for Charity. Race 3 133) BRING US your wig lets and cascades for styling. The first of the three tragi comedies, to be presented at 8 p.m Tuesday though Friday in the Purple Masque Theater, is "The Street People" by Stephen Harrington, graduate student in speech. Roy Hull Business Machines, 1212 Moro, Aggievllle S3* 7931. CHARLES HALL, senate president, said two areas in the credit- no credit revisions will be focal points for debate.

RECEIPTS FROM food service sales are being kept and classified into student and non-student categories. (132 134) FOR SUMMER: choice two bedroom air conditioned apartment, top floor with balcony. Call Terry or Jerry at 9 1252 (132 134) WILDCAT V apt. "She likes the class, but she doesn't go," Miss Stevenson said "She just doesn't feel that she gets anything out of the class." Other reasons for cutting class vary from person to person. KSU AUDITORIUM Adults, $1.50 Student, Military, $1.00 Under 12, 50c Special Monday-Wednesday REFRESHING VISTA CREME SODAS f e # e # cf t mv Hi H-f* «■ ki iu u i un uic, j-m ■ ,m jtj uu r~ «uu ^^^^ q i w - — ^ ^"m m i ^» wh itii G a* & 45c 25c and 40c g " * Phone e i WHO: GRADUATES WHAT: ANNOUNCEMENTS WHY: TIME IS RUNNING OUT- Commencement May 14th WHERE: K-STATE UNION BOOKSTORE "Your Partner in Education" a tt& USUI I**T1 HISTORICAL SOCIETt TOPEKA KANS.

The survey will also measure approximately how much money is spent by persons in each category. Bill Goodman, junior in in- dustrial engineering, said, "I only cut on the days I think I am going to fall asleep anyway." "On those days I just think I may as well just stay in bed and sleep," he said. 66612 Senate to debate censure proposal Faculty Senate will consider three major items in a special meeting at p.m. These three items — credit-no credit, integrated studies and censure of faculty members for professional misconduct — were originally scheduled for consideration at the regular meeting April 13.

The committee has considered a number of proposals for policy changes to present to Student Senate. To Herres the Rieb out of the Fields and onto the Post? Find out Sunday at Union 207, (133) ROAYM AI'S th« party At I (133) LOST COUNTRY FRESH 35c dozen medium (133) CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT Of money. 180 month, plus utilities Married couples, girls preferred. "And," she added, ''in spring it is sometimes just too nice a day to go to class." HOME SAVINGS I LOAN All Account! The resolution would provide a confidential hearing for the faculty member in question before the Faculty Affairs Committee.