Start Updating multiple fields in access

Updating multiple fields in access

I created the tables and set the relationships Image of my DB I have a few tables related to the “Books” one in Many-to-Many relationship (e.g.

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Figure 5: Select the Create new stored procedures Option (Click to view full-size image) Use the following properties are correctly configured to call the corresponding stored procedures. This brings up the Table Adapter Configuration wizard, which lists the stored procedures used for selecting, inserting, updating, and deleting, along with their return values and parameters (if any). Here we can see that the stored procedure is in effect and that the insert, update, and delete capabilities of the Table Adapter are still functional, let s create a web page that allows users to view and delete employees.

Figure 8: The Table Adapter Includes Insert, Update, and Delete Capabilities (Click to view full-size image) With the insert, update, and delete stored procedures automatically created and the values. Before we create such a page, however, we need to first create a new class in the Business Logic Layer for working with employees from the _ Public Class Employees BLLWith Sprocs Private _employees Adapter As Employees Table Adapter = Nothing Protected Read Only Property Adapter() As Employees Table Adapter Get If _employees Adapter Is Nothing Then _employees Adapter = New Employees Table Adapter() End If Return _employees Adapter End Get End Property _ Public Function Delete Employee(By Val employee ID As Integer) As Boolean Dim rows Affected = Adapter.

I am new to access (I have only 2003 version) and I am getting crazy.