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He goes through hell, but is sustained by the possibility that someday he'll be reunited with his loved ones.

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Originally titled Sudba Cheloveka, Destiny of a Man represented Sergei Bondarchuk's directorial debut.

In an attempt to break through the lines, he is captured by the enemy and is eventually sent to a series of work camps.[/font] [font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Destiny of a Man" is a harrowing tale of survival of an ordinary soldier in time of war, highlighting the best and worst of humanity(Especially the worst since the Holocaust is referenced.), where small acts of compassion are outweighed by the larger acts of cruelty.

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My Destiny (literal translation of the original title Moya sudba) is a Soviet 1974 made for TV historical drama movie directed by Leonid Pchyolkin.

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