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Spiritual dating agencies

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Though there are many good Catholics, it is difficult, to nearly impossible to see the good in the Catholic Institution if you look at its history and its present, which is constantly shrouded with sexual abuse scandals and even a mass grave filled with children resulting from such abuses.

Before we condemn the Pope for his silence about the mistreatment and rape of women, and his betrayal of the Christian religion and the invasion of the West by Muslims, (who have nasty ideas of infidel women), the Pope is tipping his hand by joining a political tidal wave that wants to rip humanity off by making carbon slaves out of everyone.

Kind of hard to believe that the world’s leading religious and spiritual leader would use his position to deceive the world.

We can understand that kind of behavior from political leaders but from a Pope?

A winter storm warning was issued last Thursday for much of southern Montana. “We just had a record low temperature in Huston Texas, not what you would expect if temperatures are rising to record highs.

It is quite early for snow in the Alps but it is snowing there.

Francis is following the same anti-science tradition that was evident in Galileo’s time.