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Sex dating in bargoed glamorgan

A decision to name part of a military base in the Vale of Glamorgan after Winston Churchill has been criticised by a community council.

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In all, just 13 people were ever prosecuted for their involvement in the rioting at a trial in Pontypridd in December 1910.

It was reported at the time that up to 10,000 men paraded from the valleys for the court case, while the authorities fortified Pontypridd with 400 policemen, two troops of infantry and a squadron of the 18th Hussars.

The strike led to violent outbreaks known as the Tonypandy riots.

The Ministry of Defence (Mo D) plans to name St Athan's West Camp Churchill Lines.

"As home secretary, Churchill was absolutely anti the strikes. "But in a sense, it was the local police who slightly more aggressive than him.

"When the troops were finally called in, they were very well behaved, and the situation calmed down." However, the historian said the same could not be said for the railway strike that hit Llanelli in 1911, at a time of bitter unrest in Ireland.

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On 7 November, picketing at Llwynypia erupted into fighting with the police and hours later violence flared in Tonypandy's town square.