Start Sex chat rooms for iphones text

Sex chat rooms for iphones text

It gives me the access I need in a configurable, usable client.

You can connect to Bitl Bee by pointing your IRC server to irc://im.

You'll be immediately greeted by an Bitl Bee bot called "root".

Working with XMPP/Jabber (which includes Google Talk, by the way), AIM, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger, the Bitl Bee server allows you treat an IRC application like an IM client.

Bitl Bee provides the backbone for the AIM Chatrooms on i Phone solution.

Typing these into the IRC section using the slash prefix lets the application know to expand the shortcut into a full set of commands.

This lets you consolidate frequently entered text into a single phrase.

I'll warn you: the initial set up is a little typing-intensive, especially on the i Phone.

After that, creating a simple macro using Room's built-in shortcut system transformed my connection work into a few taps.

You'll use this password whenever you need to identify yourself with Bitl Bee.

These steps represent the majority of the work you ever need to do setting up your IRC client the first time.

Rooms, claimed Teichmann, could bring AOL chat rooms to our i Phones.