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Sex and the city web camera

She also had a frank assessment of the show that made her home famous.

The unremarkable beige, brick building is known to fans as the exterior of the Friends apartment, where Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe all congregated in the hit 90s sitcom.

Mr Cook says people come into the restaurant every day asking about the apartment. “Lots of people want to go upstairs into the apartment,” he says.

The deliberate omission of the better part of the early lives of the four women was the writers' way of exploring social life – from sex to relationships – through each of their four very different, individual perspectives.

The series received both acclaim and criticism for its subjects and characters, and is credited with helping jump-start HBO.

On a frigid winter evening in New York City, a lone woman is standing in the middle of Perry Street, braving the cold – gloveless – to secure a perfect picture of the apartment in front of her.

From afar, the apartment in Manhattan's West Village looks like all the other brownstones next to it: tall, brown, with a stately staircase and intimidating double doors.

Up close, however, you can see the metal chain hung across the staircase, and a sign reading: “PEOPLE TAKING PICTURES: Please do NOT go on the steps”.