Start Sccm system ou name not updating

Sccm system ou name not updating

Did you ever wanted to automate the creation of “User Collections” based on your AD user Groups (which is based on User group discovery) I have posted the script here ( Collection For User ) and these are the steps to follow : 1) Create/Configure your AD group discovery to target your AD application groups.

With the objects that we want, we could use any kind of method that Power Shell supports to output the data that we need (the distinguished names) to a text file, directly to a CSV file or perhaps an Excel file if you prefer that.

Now that I’ve shown you a method to determine the distinguished names, let’s have a look at how we should construct a CSV file from that data.

2) Open a command prompt and run the following cmd: Cscript Create Collection For User 3) The script will create a user collection for each AD security group with the same name as the unique user group name retrieved from active directory.