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Various media outlets, including Bloomberg News, Reuters, Radio Ink, and i Heart Media's hometown newspaper the San Antonio Express-News, claim that either bankruptcy or a major restructuring is likely, and may come as early as 2016.

Clear Channel went on a subsequent buying spree, purchasing more than 70 other media companies and individual stations.

KXXO AM and KMOD FM in Tulsa were acquired under the name "San Antonio Broadcasting" (same as KEEZ). Congress relaxed radio ownership rules slightly, allowing the company to acquire more than 2 stations per market.

Stations were also added in Port Arthur, Texas (KPAC-AM-FM from Port Arthur College) and El Paso, Texas (KELP AM (now KQBU AM) from John Walton, Jr.). By 1995, Clear Channel owned 43 radio stations and 16 television stations.

We end up in toxic, unloving relationships, and deep down know something better is out there.