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It was a sizable occasion, with well over 400 diners, and the only drawback was that, by the time I got up to speak (there were other, earlier speakers, as well as the inevitable fund-raising), it was well after 11 p.m. The next morning I was interviewed at length by Italy’s leading newspaper, the Corriere della Sera, which published a long piece headed ‘In Italia lo Stato pesa troppo. Her reputation around the world continues to resound.

Een vrouw die optimistisch, lief, verzorgend en sexy is, is complementair met zijn mannelijke ambitieuze energie.

Jij als career woman hoeft hem niet te imponeren met je diploma’s, titels en awards; hij heeft die zelf allemaal.

I was overcome with guilt, fearing that I may have precipitated his untimely end.

Perhaps my present stance on the EU is some kind of penance.

Each year the IBL chooses a theme for its annual dinner, and this year, to mark her death, the theme was Margaret Thatcher.

They had asked me to explain how she had managed to achieve the impressive programme of radical economic reform in this country for which she will always be remembered.

Kijk naar je liefdesverleden en de mannen die je gekozen hebt, de intense CEO types.