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For example, there may be a question that prompts you to answer something nice, but your friend will make it look like a comment about a serial killer on the loose.

The game begins by providing an unfinished picture or squiggle, which will be expanded by the players.

Those players’ resulting pictures are then voted on by other players and the winning picture will advance and be expanded by the other players.

This can run for up to eight rounds for one image, which is certainly a bit too long, especially since there is only so much room to draw.

the game about writing convincing lies to answer questions, is back.

As you’d expect this edition features totally new questions and question types as well as a mode called “Enough About You.” This new mode in has players type answers to questions, while the other players try to select which is the correct answer—while also providing lies.

Those that get dates get points, however, everything isn’t always what it appears.

After each round—beginning with the second—a monster’s powers are revealed to everyone, which will drastically change how others see them or even play the game.

In this game, players assume the role of a monster whose powers are unknown to other players at the start of the game.