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Intimidating airsoft masks

The laser sight is a useful device in some situations, but it's expensive, can break, many holsters can't accommodate it, it needs batteries, it isn't bright enough to be visible in bright sunlight, and in dim light it reveals the shooter's position and intent immediately to everyone who may happen to be looking in that direction (unless it's an infrared laser and the shooter is wearing infrared goggles, but those are even value: Advertising that they are, in fact, pointing their gun directly at the person may encourage that person to give themselves up without a fight.

Everything changed when Atahan traded in his taxi for a semiautomatic.

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Over the next two and a half hours, Atahan slowly released most of his 11 hostages.

But when there were five male tellers left, the crook decided it was time to make his move.

However, that same ostentation makes them very popular as a Weapon for Intimidation. Just give the word, and your embedded team of marksmen will switch on the lights, and the target will look like he suddenly contracted chicken pox. Yeah, you could just him your snipers have him in their sights, but (a) you could be lying and (b) it just doesn't have that visceral punch of seeing visible evidence of the fact.

The best (and most common) use for laser sights is in night combat, where the lasers are visible only through night-vision goggles.

In 1984, Hakki Bahadir Atahan took a page out of the Al Pacino playbook and started his own little “Dog Day Afternoon” standoff with the cops.