Start Hlstatsx stats not updating

Hlstatsx stats not updating

Instead of having 9 servers with only a few people in them, we'll have a handful of servers which will hopefully get more players.

The directive “Allow To Update Stats From Browser” is to be set to 1 for Awstat to be updated from the c Panel interface.

Fire the below command to list the conf files present.

For eg: it uses the entries in the domlogs file for web traffic calculation.

Same is the case with other services like IMAP, POP etc.

If you check the server list now you'll see some maps have been changed to versions like 24/7 Christmas, 24/7 Halloween, as well as the 'Retro' Neonheights map which features the old doomsday course, as well as a bunch of different doomsday buttons that many of you have never seen before.

After you add logaddress_add to your other servers and restarted the server, you should be able to run logaddress_list and it should return the IP: Port you just added.

I haven't had the chance to use the hlstats offering by NFO(I use my own installation), do you have daemon logs that you can look at?

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