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Bell said of her masturbation scene, "It's very realistic.

She's neither raped nor coerced into sex, nor does she experience the kind of anticlimactic intercourse that most women fake their way through.

She pleases herself for herself on-screen, and that's a breakthrough for Hollywood.

They need to fit a predetermined time window, they have to show that something is happening, they have to fit the camera frame, and they generally aim to excite men and match the male experience.

Actress Greta Gerwig (Greenberg) stated in an interview with Movieline, "If they show sex, it's usually..moment his penis goes into her.

If the academy had voted based on the most boundary-pushing sex scene, Portman would have still taken home the win.

When thinking of Black Swan, the girl-on-girl sex scene usually comes to mind, which is not surprising given the media frenzy that focused on it.

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