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Child-porn charges for former USA Gymnastics, MSU doctor Over the years, some of Nassar's alleged victims say they were telling parents, coaches, counselors, MSU athletic trainers - even police -- that, without consent or explanation, Nassar was digitally penetrating them in the vagina and anus during medical treatments for back, hip and other injuries.

"I feel like I didn't do a good job protecting those who came after me," said Tiffany Thomas Lopez, who says she was abused in 19 while she was a softball player at MSU.

"But I did speak up, on more than one occasion." It's not just Nassar's reputation at stake.

Also engulfed in the controversy are MSU, where Nassar was a faculty member and practitioner at MSU's sports-medicine clinic from 1997 until he was fired last September; USA Gymnastics, the sport's national governing body, where Nassar started as an athletic trainer in 1986 and served as chief medical coordinator and U. team doctor from 1996 to 2015, and Twistars, a high-profile USA Gymnastics training facility in the Lansing area, which referred athletes to Nassar.

All three organizations are named as co-defendants in some of the lawsuits.

During a treatment with a female athletic trainer in the room, Nassar digitally penetrated her vagina, Lopez said. "She reassured me that this is what he was supposed to be doing, and this was going to help me to play pain free," Lopez said.

The penetration was repeated over multiple treatments in the spring of 19, she said.

Of the sex-abuse allegations made public against Nassar, the earliest involves a former Olympic gymnast who filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles.

To protect her anonymity, the lawsuit lists the woman as Jane JD Doe.

But Lopez said she felt "very uncomfortable" about the procedure, adding Nassar did not use a glove, explain the procedure or get consent.

In her sophomore year she had a new trainer, with whom she discussed the issue in more detail.

Lopez said she was told she could file a complaint against Nassar, but "I was really encouraged not to," Lopez said.