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Chaplin and, perhaps more surprisingly, Mellor gave performances of such volcanic combativeness they more than did justice to Elsley’s pyroclastic flow of dialogue.

Each episode is a two-hander in which individuals thrust together by a dating website meet in the flesh for the first time – a veritable birthing pool for drama.

Last night’s head-on collision of hopes, attitudes and ideals came in the form of David and Mia, whose clash of personalities was so violent it struck simultaneous sparks of attraction and repulsion.

Disabled Dating 4 U started out in the UK as a small website back in 2009.

In this time, we have grown at an exponential rate thanks in no small part to our close community of Disabled Daters.

Although 3.9 million is a fraction of the total membership, it is still a large breach, and the specific details released are more personal than your average username and address hack.

Indeed along with information such as email address, date of birth, address and username, a spreadsheet circulating with the stolen data is said to contain other personal snippets due to the nature of the site, including sexual preferences, sexual orientation and whether users are “seeking extramarital affairs.” A large concern here, highlighted by Channel 4, is the potential for blackmail, beyond the usual phishing attempts that data breaches sometimes result in.

who are actively campaigning against such sites in the United Kingdom after the ASA did not upheld complaints against the advertising of such services.