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I also love Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, High School Dx D, Highschool of the Dead, Death Note, Fairy Tail and Rosario-Vampire as well as Dragon Ball/Z but I'm not so crazy about GT, Super is also pretty good so far.

My favourite pairings are Naruto Naruto and Mei Naruto and Konan Naruto and Fuka (She is so underused it is sad)Naruto and Mikoto Naruto and Tenten Naruto and Tayuya (Like a next generation Minato and Kushina, only both act like different parts of Kushina)Naruto and Yugito Naruto and Samui Naruto and Yuugao Dragon Ball ZGohan and Videl Gohan and Android 18Gohan and Lime Rosario-Vampire Tsukune and Mizore Tsukune and Inner Moka Tsukune and Kurumu Pokemon Ash and Cynthia Ash and Clair Ash and Sabrina Bleach Ichigo and Rangiku Ichigo and Nel Ichigo and Riruka Ichigo and Nemu Ichigo and Orihime Ichigo and Soi-Fon/Sui-Feng Ichigo and Momo Ichigo and Candice Ichigo and Bambietta Ichigo and Meninas High School Dx DIssei and Akeno Issei and Irina (My favourite, but Akeno is a very close second)Issei and Raynare/Yuuma Issei and Ravel Issei and Kuroka Issei and Xenovia Issei and Rias (I'm starting to like this less since she is becoming slightly overused)Highschool of the Dead Takashi and Shizuka Takashi and Kyoko Takashi and Saeko Takashi and Rei (Even if she needs a serious attitude adjustment)Fairy Tail Natsu and Ultear (Definitely my favourite)Natsu and Erza (My initial favourite)Natsu and Mirajane Natsu and Cana Natsu and Kagura Natsu and Juvia (I don't know why, even though it is crack, it is really good sometimes)Natsu and Hisui Natsu and Meredy Gajeel and Levy Cobra/Erik and Kinana I also do a lot of different Martial arts, so, if you don't understand one of the fighting moves I use, ask me and I'll explain it to you. Also, if you have any questions about my stories, like something you think I did wrong, leave a review or pm me and I will answer you directly, because I do everything for a reason.

Sometimes few ill placed words can change one's future dramatically.

E se non trovate qui le informazioni che state cercando, potete inviarci una email/un messaggio di posta elettronica.

Hey, this is SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan here, if you came to find out my reason for writing, here it is: To make the main character shine. I have the same profile/pen name there as well, so it shouldn't be hard to find.

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In way too many shows, the main character is depicted as an idiot... In addition to this, I tend to like a lot of rare pairings and in some cases, there are no, or very few stories featuring these pairings, which is the other reason I write, with some of my stories being the first of that pairing in their archive. However, I won't post author notes there or Kyuubi's corner, that is for FF only.

My own unique skills/moves/jutsus I will post chapters on Journalister, (a new site which will also serve as a backup for me, in case my files ever get corrupted, or my computer gets stolen) a day before uploading on FF.

I value brutal honest, which is constructive, very highly, as even now, I am still learning and improving on my writing.

Flames on the other hand though, only make me laugh now, so if you want to flame, please be as childish as possible, so I can have a good laugh.

Basically, I am notoriously unreliable update wise, sorry.