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To the holders of Common Stock of Meritage Homes Corporation: The annual meeting of stockholders of Meritage Homes Corporation will be held May 19, 2017, at a.m.

local time at Meritage Homes Corporation Corporate Office 8800 E.

Q: Our community has maintained a long standing rule that you must be 18 or older to use the pool unaccompanied, and if you are younger than 18, you must have a parent with you. Fair housing laws prohibit a private condominium or homeowners association from adopting rules that are discriminatory against a protected class.

A purchaser with children is claiming this rule is discriminatory. Here, the rule would prohibit minor children from using the pool without parents, which means the rule discriminates against families with minor children.

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Q: Our condominium association is trying to amend some of the use restrictions in the declaration of condominium. A: A proxy is not a vote; it is the right to vote on behalf of someone else.

From the central Console, administrators can instantly implement Internet restriction policies at the user or computer level.

The laborious task of blocking millions of objectionable web sites is instantly facilitated by simply selecting categories to be blocked from a range of over 100 URL Category filters.

A disruptive owner is going door to door and asking for proxies and telling owners to “trust his judgment” and asking the owners to let him vote on their behalf. There also are two types of proxies: general proxies and limited proxies.

A general proxy actually gives the appointed proxy holder the right to exercise his or her own discretion on a vote.

Florida Statutes section 718.112 provides “except as specifically otherwise provided herein, unit owners in a residential condominium may not vote by general proxy, but may vote by limited proxies substantially conforming to a limited proxy form adopted by the division.” Because votes to amend the declaration should only be conducted via limited proxies (and votes in person at the meeting), it would not be proper for this disruptive owner to be asking for general proxies.